Word Application Scope Getting faulted

Hi All,

Could someone please help me out for the below scenario ?

I am using Export to PDF activity inside the word application scope activity. But am not sure why the Word application scope activity is getting faulted.

The error message that am getting : "Error openning document,
make sure Word application is installed"

I already have MS word 2007 version in my system.

Please please help me out here !

Hirun. R

Hi @Hirunyaa

Check this

Ashwin S

Thanks Ashwin !

Tried to perform “repair” option, I wasn’t able to find the microsoft word in control panel.
But When I type MS word in the start menu, am able to open a blank MS word doc.

So I guess the MS word is not installed in my system…so that i cant find it in the control panel to perform the repair.

Could anyone please tell me how to install the MS word for windows for free ?



Try File converter activity to convert word to pdf…
Refer this post…