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@cristina.vidu - Hi, I am trying to build a project after learning from UI path academy course, getting started with StudioX. But facing error with Excel plug in . Have tried to repair as per the error message but not able to proceed.
Also tried to uninstall and install Excel extension, But still the problem persists.
So need help here
Error message

Error opening workbook. If Excel is installed, run the โ€˜Repair Tool for Microsoft Office Interopโ€™ from the Tools tab on the Home screen.

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Hi @Nidhi_Chaturvedi can you give a hand here ? thank you so much :robot:


Hello @Surabhi_Bhatia ,

It is quite a common error, not to worry. There are few hit and trials methods to solve this, lets see what works in your case :wink:

here are few checks you can do :

  1. Microsoft Excel (Office 2010+) must be installed on your machine, and you should have a valid license
  2. Restart UiPath StudioX (close it and open again) if you have tried to uninstall and install the Excel extension.
  3. Keep the excel file open while trying to indicate in excel.
  4. Run Microsoft Office Repair Tool from StudioX, this link has detailed explaination of the step by step guide (Microsoft Office Issues)
  5. If above steps do not help, Please verify that the UiPath Excel addin is present or enabled in Excel
    Go to Microsoft Excel > File > Options > Addins
    If UiPath.Integration.ExcelAddin appears In-Active or Disabled, try to enable it manually

you can find the troubleshooting steps for addin in excel in this post : MS Excel Add-in not installed - #7 by studioX

UiPath Excel Addin Installation Troubleshooting v4.docx (388.6 KB)

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Thanks @Nidhi_Chaturvedi this solved my problem

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