Windows Task Scheduler not working, do we need Orchestrator, is it a must?

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What is the final answer?

Is using UiRobot.exe with Windows Task Scheduler working till now? cuz when I tried no matter what i do (Running .nupkg with .bat, runing .xaml with double quotes) it does not seem to work and the task ends with 0xFFFFFFFF.

Is Orchestrator a must to schedule an unattended task? Is it necessary to purchase a license to use it for production?

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  1. Ensure proper permissions: Make sure the user account running the scheduled task has the necessary permissions to access the required resources, such as files and folders.
  2. Working directory: When running a UiPath process through UiRobot.exe, the working directory might be different from what you expect. Ensure that the working directory is correctly set in the Task Scheduler or adjust the process to use absolute file paths.
  3. Environment variables: UiPath processes may rely on specific environment variables. Ensure that the Task Scheduler environment is correctly set up to include the necessary variables.
  4. Log files: Check the log files generated by the UiPath process to see if there are any error messages or indications of what might be going wrong.
  5. Debugging: Try running the UiPath process manually outside of the Task Scheduler to see if it works as expected. This can help identify if the issue is related to the process itself or the Task Scheduler configuration.
  6. Double-check command line parameters: If you’re using a batch file to call UiRobot.exe, ensure that the command-line parameters are correctly formatted. Make sure the .nupkg or .xaml file paths are enclosed in double quotes if they contain spaces or special characters.
  7. Update UiPath: Ensure you are using the latest version of UiPath and that there are no known issues related to Task Scheduler compatibility in the version you are using.
  8. UiPath Orchestrator: If your process relies on Orchestrator assets or configurations, verify that the Orchestrator connection is properly configured.

The error code 0xFFFFFFFF typically indicates that the process was terminated by another process, which could be caused by an issue with the process itself, or it could be related to how the Task Scheduler is interacting with UiRobot.exe.

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Check out this thread. It might help you.

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=> If you are using community edition, no need to buy the license. Default for this version you have one attended and one unattended robot.
=> You can trigger your process in the Orchestrator.

To trigger the process in Orchestrator. You have to publish the workflow as a package. Then you have to create a process with that package. You have a trigger tab in the Orchestrator. To trigger the bot in specified time.

But there is a setup to make unattended robot in the Orchestrator.

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For unattended automation the Orchestrator is must to configure the robot accounts and their capabilities

Link to configure unattended robots -

By the way, we are using 2023.6.1 Community Edition

@ushu Hi so the conclusion is Windows Task Scheduler cannot be used for the community edition?

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it is not recommended to schedule tasks through windows task scheduler. However, you can go through this link to see if its usefull in your scenario UiPath(RPA): How to: Schedule a Process Manually---UiPath(RPA)

Since you are using the community edition you can take the advantage of the one attended bot you get by default
You can also manunally trigger from the UiPath Tray, you have the option to set reminder in UiPath tray if it is a time critical process.

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Yes, @Younghoon_Dennis_Kwak

Link - I Need to schedule my xaml File "Daily i need to execute at 1'0 clock" In Task Scheduler not working Fine

Not supported since 2021.10 release, or better say blocked since that release.