Is it really necessary to use Orchestrator instead of Windows Task Scheduler?


On my Windows Server 2016 are ROBOT_ACCOUNT and MY_ACCOUNT. ROBOT_ACCOUNT serves only for execution of built robots that are scheduled in Task scheduler in MY_ACCOUNT.

If I’m logged in on this server all scheduled tasks processes successfully but if I’m not logged in then all tasks operating with UI throws an error. Timeout error is thrown the most times. How is it possible? Is it necessary any extra setting on server if I don’t want to use Orchestrator?

I have bought UiPath Studio and Attended Robot. Is it ok or do I need Unattended Robot for this?

Thank you.

Hi there @Marty1

Using windows task scheduler for attended bot when actually user session isnt active is not how it is supposed to be used.

If you want something to run without human intervention unattended is the way to go.


I have another question in connection with this topic.

I built robot.1.0.1.nupkg and exactly this one file is executed even if I edit it in Studio a bit and build it again with the same version that overrides the the last file. Are built robots cached anywhere?

Thank you.


If you don’t want to login and perform all actions then you should need Unattended BOT and to Trigger this BOT we need Orchestrator.

After publishing project it will be saved packages folder. At the time of publishing and it will show the folder path and navigate that path check once.

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For Window Task Scheduler to execute, we must have the system logged in at the time the process is going to be executed…

If the system isn’t logged in the process would never execute… Also you won’t be able to track what’s happening in the process as it all the things are available in the log file and difficult to understand what’s correct and what’s not…

If your task doesn’t require human judgment I would suggest go for unattended robot :slight_smile:

Good day @Marty1

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