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What is login mechanism used in Uipath, when we make bot to login to Machine from Server.

How the bot logins to the machine?


You can run the bot even if system is locked using Orchestrator.
While provision the robot you provide your windows credentials.This will help Orchestrator to login to your system.

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I know that :slight_smile: :slight_smile: But I want to know HOW it works … I mean mechanism behind it.


haha ok :zipper_mouth_face::rofl: @Cosin

The UiRobot Service, as its name suggests, runs all the time in the background, including under a locked screen, and waits for commands from Orchestrator. When a new job is received, it logs in using the provided credentials and runs the job.

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Thank you @Cosin,

Should that credentials have any admin rights. Since, it is bypassing the login screen. or user rights are pretty enough?



interesting. This topic ties in with this one:

Since the answer is still kind of vague, I’m taking the freedom to ask: how in detail does the login work? Is it actually calling an RDP-session (rather not) or what is happening? I understand, it seems to be a .NET-related function. Is there any way I can do what the robot does and check, where it goes wrong?

Background: it seems that a security policy is blocking the login attempt - but we cannot find, what exactly is wrong. Additionally, we are running on a ctirix server farm which does not make it more simple…

Not really, it should have just the appropriate user rights to be able to do what it’s supposed to do.

First, a question: what exactly are you trying to do?

And to answer your question, the robot can login from a locked screen in 2 ways, depending on a local setting: by creating a new session, or by creating a new RDP connection.

we are trying to setup high-density robots… works with “LoginToConsole” set to “true”… not when “false”. Windows Server 2008 R2, RDP and Citrix activated, RDP from localhost to localhost works.

it works for only one robot. console does not allow multiple connections. rdp should be the solution.

@badita I’m having the same issue with my setup. I have a VPS on which a community edition robot is active, linked to an orchestrator.

The robot works as long as I am logged in with rdp from a random pc. If I close the rdp session the robot is unable to login to windows thus all my OCR and other image dependent activities fail.

How can I treat this problem. I have tried every setup possible within orchestrator / uipath.settings file on the VPS. I also have messed around with the users on the VPS, to rule out insufficient rights (the robot user has admin rights).

I also tried this with a local pc and no luck with it…

What am I missing?

Thank you!