Login Windows and logoff with robot

Hi guys, may I know how can I indicate my robot to login windows and logoff after the job is done?


Are we talking about a VM right now?

Nope, just normal computer

i guess it can be taken care by orchestrator if you schedule the job in orchestrator

Only unattended bots with UiPath Orchestrator connectivity can do this.

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In UiPath, robot is run as an Uirobot desktop application (windows service).

What you asked for is to perform the Logon and logOff for the local machine itself.

If your local system itself needs to have logging off or logging in then robot desktop service running never comes in the pitcure as the robot service will run only when the windows machine is active.

@Uipath mates, please correct me if I am wrong.

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I have schedule the jobs in Orchestrator but if the computer is logged off, the robot will not able to perform the Click Activity and so on. As you can see the diagram below, the click activity timeout has reached and causes the robot to fail.

@sam.lee do you mean properly logged out or locked ?
If locked no problem for the unattended bot over Orchestrator. Logged out is not so good - the Uipath Robot Service is not running.
Without UiPath Robot Service - no connection from Orchestrator to the local robot on your machine.

I see, so if the computer is locked the robot still able to proceed the job right ? So is it a must to set all Click and Type activity with Stimulate in the property panel ?

Yes, but it depends on your UI element implementation.
“Hardware events work 100% as Studio performs actions just like a human operator, such as moving the mouse pointer and clicking at a particular location. However, in this case, the application being automated needs to be visible on the screen. This can be seen as a drawback since there is the risk that the user can interfere with the automation.”

" Background Automation

If an automation is intended to share the desktop with a human user, all UI interaction must be implemented in the background. This means that the automation has to work with UI element objects directly, thus allowing the application window to be hidden or minimized during the process.

Understood! Really thanks for your explanation @GuidoR !!

Hi guys, I encounter another problem while the robot running in the background. For a clearer picture, one of my step is to download attachments, but after the robot reaches the step to click ‘save as’ and type into the file path, it not able to proceed. It stuck at the click ‘Save as’ step, somehow the robot will not click ‘Save As’ . Please help!

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