Windows Startup programs

When using orchestrator to have robots login to Windows, does it login to a normal Windows session and launches all the startup programs? And, does it render the full desktop?

Or, does it create a special Windows session that bypasses some Windows startup sequence? For example, Citrix Seamless application session does this.

Hi @dhong

When robots log in to Windows, The robot is executed on a machine, and it can interact with the desktop environment, including launching startup programs if configured to do so.

UiPath does not create a special Windows session. Instead, it interacts with the existing Windows session, allowing the robot to perform tasks as if a user were interacting with the machine.

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Thank you for your response.

You mentioned that UiPath interacts with existing Windows session. Does that mean you need to manually login and start the Windows session or does UiPath have a way to automatically login and start a Windows session?

It creates a normal RDP session.

It creates its own RDP session. In fact, you should NOT log into it. You will interfere with the running Job. If you do log into the server using the robot account (ie to install software, check something, etc) then make sure you SIGN OUT from the Start Menu - do not just close the RDP window as this leaves the session in a state that will interfere with the Job.

Hi @dhong

If you are working with automation in a Remote Desktop environment(RDP), UiPath can be configured to interact with applications and perform tasks on a remote machine through the RDP connection. This allows you to automate processes on a remote desktop just as you would on a local machine.

More info on how to setup unattended robot:

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