UiPath Robot machine RDP access



We plan to install UiPath with Orchestrator module and 5 back office bots. All these components (1+5) will be installed in different servers (total of 6). One AD service account will be used to run the orchestrator and the bots in the individual machines. According to the bot installation guide -
https://robot.uipath.com/docs/installing-the-robot, we need to add the bot running user account to Remote Desktop Users group in the bot machines and also we need to enable RDP access but our organisation policy restricts RDP usage.So, Is this really required? Do we need to enable RDP access in all the bot machines? Is it required even if we use Orchestrator for scheduling, triggering the workflows? What is the purpose of it? Any info regarding this is appreciated!!


Yes, you need to enable RDP access.
Scheduling in orchestrator will only make a robot(s) to execute a job at a specified time.


Thanks but would be great if someone can explain the purpose of RDP access.


Hi @sudhakarg

No. That is only for HD Robots (as it says in the guide). But you said that the Robots will be in individual machines so it doesn’t seem to be the case for you.

So, I will try to explain based on my knowledge so far. When you install the Robot on a machine, the LoginToConsole parameter is set to “true” by default. So when you run the Robot from Orchestrator, it will login using the console (the one you as a human use to manually login). But the Robot has also another way to communicate/login - Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). In this case you will set LoginToConsole to “false” and also you need to Allow log on through Remote Desktop Services for the Robot to be able to run the process.

Am I making sense? I will research this anyways :slight_smile:


Thank you Ovi for the quick response. That was useful.

But I think there are 2 different scenarios when it comes to the nature of the bot machine’s platform (windows workstation, windows server).
For workstation - can we conclude that when we setup LoginToConsole=“true”, we don’t need to add the executing user account to “Remote Desktop Users” group. This may be possible because, only one user can access the machine at a given time and when the second user logs in the existing session (if any) is taken by the latest user.
But how does it work for a server (not HD setup but still individual windows 2008/12 server having a bot)? Here, multiple users (usually 2 or 3) can login. So, accessing the console is not possible without a new RDP session. Perhaps the guide documentation requires some update in this regard.