how to convert windows to Windows-Legacy project in UiPath


Please check related post about that



There is no conversion liek this directly available…

You need to recreate in window legacy again…if needed

But be aware that windows legacy no more exists from the next release

Any specific reason to convert to legacy?

If a old project is already uploaded in orchestrator you can try getting the files from there


But file cannot open in windows legacy.

I’ve converted a couple of projects back so it’s 100% possible.

Step 1: edit json file framework

Step2: Replace System.Private.CoreLib

Open all xaml files
Most editors have a replace function, notepad press Ctrl + H, search for: System.Private.CoreLib
replace with: mscorlib

That should take care of 99% of ur errors.

If there still is an issue u may need to remove this line.


Hi @447_J_U_S_SANDEEP,

I agree with @kali, it is 100% possible to convert back to legacy when you need.

You can also try the approach in this thread :

Roll Back from Modern to Classic - Help / Studio - UiPath Community Forum

Probably the only method that actually works! Thanks alot!