How to convert Project(Windows) to Project(Legacy)?

How to convert Project(Windows) to Project(Legacy)?
I find only convert Legacy to Window feature but no covert to Legacy.

So, can anybody help me, i didn’t want to create new project and one by one copy action. :frowning:

Please check this post Windows-Legacy - #5 by kali.

you can read about windows-legacy here:

I don’t know if it is possible but you can try it:
Roll Back from Modern to Classic - Help / Studio - UiPath Community Forum

no official method? ???

Unfortunately not. I guess it isn’t a top priority feature to create one, since Legacy is being deprecated (as you can read from the link above).

The method I posted should work however, I’ve had to do it myself some time.

May I ask, what is your reason to convert to Legacy?

wrong project created, and no pass company analyst

Hi @Paul_Wang,

You need to change in Project.json

in project.json there is “targetFramework” Change windows to Legacy.

Here is the screenshot FYI.

Karthik Reddy

You can
close studio
open Project.json file by text editor

edit target framework only to “Legacy”

save then close Text editor
open Studio again