How to migrate project from Windows to Windows-legacy in Uipath 22.10?

Hello All
We are struggling with the compatibility issue on UiPath , we want to convert the window compatible code with window legacy but did not get it after changing the project.JSON as well , Error Message : “Invalid file” ,please help and let me know any solution or workaround on this .Thanks


Can you share detailed information (content of “Details” pulldown)?


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Hi @Amit_Pandey it may be not possible to back from windows to winodws legacy, you can convert windows-legacy to winodws only.

Hi @Amit_Pandey

You could try removing the project.json file then open project through Main.xaml, I got the project converted to Windows-Legacy like this.

If that does not work as well, last resort would be creating new project with Windows-Legacy compatibility and copy the xaml files from Windows project into it. Files should work this way.

Never manually edit project.json file. It’s not supported to edit it outside of Studio.

If you want to migrate from legacy to windows use the integrated convertor from 22.10. Any other method can and most likely will lead to errors.

Hi, I am trying to migrate a “Windows” framework to “windows legacy” to use a custom library generated in “windows legacy”. I tried Studio 22.10 but do not see the option in the packages to convert it. Can you please share step by step process in the project> settings section?