Windows to Legacy

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How do I convert from Windows to Legacy??
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Hi @NA_AN ,
You can go to manager packages
find it, update or uninstall, re-install newest version

I didn’t find anything

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Check this:

Oh, you got me wrong. I want to convert this "Windows " to “Legacy
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close Studio
You open json file by text

in “targetFramework”: “Windows” -. edit to “Legacy”

save and close
open studio again

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Once try by enabling the below option

Currently, we do have a conversion tool that converts from Legacy → Windows

But as of now, there is no Conversion tool offered within UiPath Studio for converting other way round

Before you will do any steps / manual edits ensure that you will have a taken a reliable Backup for the project / files.

Changing the project.json and setting targetFramework from Windows to Legacy will not perform a conversion. The XAMLS would require some changes which will not be triggered by a manually project.json change.

BTW: UiPath is recommending not to touch the project.json and it can have side effects.

There are some manually techniques, but first of all let us know the following:

  • why is this conversion (Windows → Legacy) needed, by what motivated
  • how many XAMLs / Source Code Lines within are to handle