Windows Application Not Clickable


I’m automating an older windows application. One of the screens that I need to interact with is a list of our clients. I need to be able to search a specific client and for that I need access to the client table section (blue).

I can interact with the scroll bar and bottom menu (green) as well as the actions menu (red) but the client table (blue) is completely inaccessible. If I try to indicate an element inside the table the screen freezes for ~5 minutes. If I try to access the table in UiExplorer the UiExplorer screen freezes as well and needs to be clsoed and reopened to keep working.

Is there something I can try to interact with this table or am I completely out of luck?

Hi @DanielMitchell,
What type of action you want to perform on the blue area?

Firstly, there’s a filter bar at the top of the area that I’d like to type into.
Ideally I’d also use a click or click text activity to make sure the right client was selected.

Instead of typing in the filter bar, is there any option to filter out your right client using the filter tab (red) which is accessible.
or try CV type into

You can try if it is possible to navigate this application using keyboard shortcuts, also, do you know what is the technology this application was built upon?

The filter tab has some general filtering options, but nothing close to what I need. It’s more for grouping clients by balance/status than it is for searching by name. I’ve tried the CV activities to no avail, the filter bar that I want to type into (the blank white line below “Name” at the top left of the blue box) is not being recognized by the CV activities.

The filter bar is not accessible from hotkeys. If I manually click it then I can tab to it, but I’m not able to get the bot to do that first click. I’m not sure what details you want as far as the technology goes. It appears to be a more-or-less standard windows forms application. Is there something specific you wanted me to try and look up?

i mean, im a .net developer and it does look like a standard desktop application, im asking that maybe it is silverlight or wpf that could need an extension… also you can do the first click with image click.

It shouldn’t need an extension, I’m able to interact with most of the application just fine. It’s just this one table that I’m having this problem with. If it were a silverlight/wpf issue I’d be experiencing difficulties with all of the application, right?

we can barely see the structure of the application and is hard to tell why it cant be recognized properly, did you try an attach window to highlight that specific part you want? maybe it is a subform, that could be seen as a new window…

UiExplorer is showing it as part of the same window. I can’t attach to it either way since indicating the element at all causes Studio and UiExplorer to crash.

The Click Image and then tabbing to the filter bar is showing some promise, I’ll probably try to get that working since that’s my best bet right now.

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