SOLVED - Not able to identify a selector

Hi Guys

I’m trying to finish a process, but the application in use isn’t the greatest piece of software and is quite outdated.

The app isn’t giving any reliable identifiers/selectors. I’ve tried to use the UiExplorer, but this is only detecting the whole data table of the application and not individual cells.

When clicking in the individual elements:


When selecting the elements with UiExplorer:


The individual cells are selectable and editable, but UiExplorer will not detect them as single items.

UiExplorer is identifying it as

<wnd app='axac001.exe' cls='TfmG*BillAlloc' idx='1' title='Bill Allocation' />
<wnd cls='TwwDBGrid' />
<ctrl role='client' />

I need my robot to be able to click one of the Bill Number row to select it based on a variable it has stored with the same Bill number.

Is there any way I can get it to identify that element of the table?

HI @searl,

Try send hot key ->“TAB” to focus on the row.

i hope if you click the detail button you will get the corresponding values.


Unfortunately you won’t be able to get it in the way you’re hoping for but there could be a workaround. I normally have to do this when working in a Citrix environment.

Place a click right below the image of Bill Number. This should select it. Try to copy the selected text by using Copy Selected Text activity or send hotkey Ctrl+C. Then use Get From Clipboard. If you’re lucky, you’ll have the bill number of the first row. Send hotkey “down”, and if it moves the selector down then do the same thing there. Stop when the clipboard text matches your variable (make sure you match string to string). So now you know you have the right bill number selected you can go about clicking whatever buttons you need in the application.

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Hi All

Thanks for the suggestions/responses.

I managed to find a way of doing this in the end.

I run a screen scrape and generate a data table, and then write range to an excel spreadsheet, then I run an if else statement a few times to compare the cell contents (output by the screen scrape) to an earlier variable in the process which it needs to match, and if it matches, I’ve made the if else statement send hotkey tabs to select the relevant row. If not it will read the next row of the spreadsheet and repeat until it finds a match or sends the error dialogue if nothing was found.