Win+r command no longer working

Within the last week my Win+r commands have stopped working on our virtual desktops (still works when building on my personal machine). I can work around it for most programs but for .xls and .iqy files I’m having a hard time. Using Start Process doesn’t work in this case as it won’t open it in excel.

Is anyone else having Win+r problems and have you figured out a solution?

If you’re trying to open an Excel file you should be using Excel Application scope, or just using Workbook activities to read the file into a datatable. You shouldn’t be using Run nor Start Process.

Agree, but that doesn’t work when the file type is .iqy or .xls.

Ahhh, sorry, missed that part. Start Process should work. You pass the file to open as an argument. Start Process is literally doing what Start/Run does and works the same as far as path to the application and path to the file to open.

“C:\pathtoexcel\excel.exe” “c:\pathtofile\somefile.iqy”

That’s what you’d do in Start/Run and what you do in Start Process.

Thanks! I’m closer…

It’s cutting off the file path as it tries to open the file:


Spaces solved! Open Application Argument with Spaces

Thanks for your help @postwick!

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