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I would like to open Excel and paste some data which is copied from citrix window based application. I don’t wish to excel application scope. I keyed in the path of my excel application (Excel.exe which is usually in C folder) and gave the file name as argument (Note: file is present in desktop).

But Excel window is opening but then I get a message as “File may be moved or deleted”. However I also tried placing the Excel in C folder where I have Excel.exe file but still it doesn’t work.

I have also tried activating and omitting excel name in the selector field but doesn’t seem to work. Can anyone share your views/sample file? I am using Excel 2016

Can you please help me with this?
Main.xaml (7.9 KB)


I think that in that case in argument you should put the complete address where is your file, not just the name

I was able to open the excel file successfully with your workflow, though it had some errors while closing.

You are good with using the exe file path.
But for the excel workbook path -
Either place the workbook in the rot folder and use “Data.xlsx” in the FileName field
If you want to have the file in Desktop, mention the full path of the file (“C:\Users\username\Desktop\Data.xlsx”) in FileName field

One more possible error could be naming the data sheet along with the extension by mistake. Like Data.xlsx.xlsx Here you would have to rename the file properly or specify the proper file name for the file to open.

Thank you @kaderms. Your suggestion on file naming convention is very useful. Yes I made that mistake while naming my file. Thanks once again

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@kaderms, Can you see whether you can help me with the below post? It would be helpful