Will Queue Trigger select Attended bot?

We have an Environment with a Process and 5 Robots. 4 of the Robots are licensed as attended. The 5th Robot is licensed as unattended.

If you create a Queue trigger to run this Process, will it only run the Job using the unattended Robot account, or will it try to use the attended Robots if available?

The inability to specify a Robot for Queue triggers is a major problem, IMO.

According to the documentation, you can specify which bots are triggered by the queue. You can trigger an attended bot if you want to, or not include it as one of the bots to be triggered.

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You cannot specify the Robot for a QUEUE Trigger. Only for a Schedule Trigger. This is why I need to know if a Queue Trigger will try to run with attended Robots.

It shouldn’t, as a matter of good design, but that doesn’t mean it won’t.

I looked a little further into this, and you’re absolutely right. I see no option to specify which bots run, but it’s interesting that this is included in scheduled triggers, but not queue triggers.

If anyone knows how to do this without creating a complex workaround, please let us know. This is a significant shortcoming otherwise.


I just thought of a way you could do it, but I still think it is far preferable to have this built into Orchestrator.

You can have your process take a string array input parameter. The string array will contain the names of each bot which you want to run the process. Within the process itself, the logic will check if Environment.Username is within the array. If not, it will end immediately; otherwise it will run.

However, if we need to run an attended bot, the username will match the username of the human logged into the system, so maybe it would be better to use Environment.MachineName.

I hope in lieu of this shortcoming that this will make for a decent short-term solution.

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According to our UiPath rep who checked with one of their developers, a Queue Trigger can only select from unattended robots. I’m going to set up the Queue Trigger and monitor it to confirm.

Well it can be managed by having an Environment with just the one Process and just the one unattended Robot, but that’s not ideal as it means having the Process in Orchestrator more than once, extra Environments etc