Attended/unattended robots

Hi, guys! I have a question. I am using community version and now I am testing an unattended robot. I want my unattended robot to start by itself. I tried using agent desktop scheduling, but it just shows me a reminder and needs a click to start. So it is not unattended. The second option I tried was making a trigger to start an unattended robot but after some time if I am inactive the platform logs me out. If I am logged out the trigger does not function. So can you tell me ways how to schedule my unattended robot so it can start itself?

@KotaroKo What kind of Trigger have you used? Logging out from the Platform shouldn’t be a problem in executing a Trigger. If a Queue Trigger is used whenever item is uploaded to the Queue the Process Should be triggered. If you have specified a Time Trigger, for each of the intervals specified the Process Should be Triggered. Logging out in Platform doesn’t matter, but your Robot is needed to be Active and Connected to Orchestrator.

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I have used a time trigger… I don’t know. I logged out and the trigger did not start the job anymore…

@KotaroKo What is the Interval you specified ?

5 Minutes

I tested again for 1 minute interval and it worked. Thanks! I have One more question. So we can start attended robot the same way, right? We can add a time trigger and schedule it. So what is the difference between attended and unattended type of robot in this scenario? Both functions the same way…

@KotaroKo No Only Unattended bots are allowed for Scheduling.

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Okay, I get it. Thank you so much <3

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