Queue based trigger picks a specific QueueItem for Attended automation instead of Unattended process in the queue

I have two processes: one is attended, and the second one is unattended. Each day, the attended process will add 4 QueueItems to the queue. Subsequently, a queue-based trigger will get activated for the unattended process. However, out of these 4 items, I want the attended process bot to execute a specific QueueItem in an attended mode only, not in the unattended process.
So, How can we ensure that the queue-based trigger does not select this specific QueueItem, thereby preventing the unattended process from running?

Basically, my question is how to prevent Queue based trigger not to get activated for specific Queue-Items


Creating two separate queues would be the best practice here. One for attended another for unattended.

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So it is not possible If I am using only one queue?
Because I don’t want to create two queues for holding the same content or fields.


No, It’s not possible. If you still want to try, you will have to get the queueitem then check if it’s for attended or unattended if it’s not for the bot, postpone it with current time.

Here bot processing time will increase which will be non value added.

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