Will possible to record video of run in unattendedmode?

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I have used community version UiPath, will it possible to record the video of process of run in unattendedmode? can anyone let me know?

yes it is possible. I have tried with power point.

At particular time bot will run’s, before login into particular machine and start video recorded in ppt. Once bot run go to the same machine and save ppt.

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Good idea. Thanks for sharing.

Most Welcome :slight_smile:

Hello @divya.17290

That is possible in multiple ways.

  1. Either you can create a normal python or java package and call that to record the video. (libraries are there to record the videos)

  2. Use PPT

  3. Use any recorders and set hotkeys to initiate the recording. You can call that to start recording. But not sure in unattended mode it can record the screen properly.


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I have tried with that recording part but its running only attendedmode.

Do you have any link or example ? Can you share with me?

if you are trying to get the recording of the portion where the process gets fail, maybe you check the below doc. If you need in other ways currently no docs with me.


Do you have any sample work flow?

I have studied recording in UiPath but it says recording option through orchestrator not available for Community plan. Do you have any alternative solution?