Any way to record a video of the robot's execution?

We are pretty new to this product. Right now we are focusing in scheduling tasks to run on a unattended robot. Some of our macros have intermittent issues. Sometimes I remote Desktop to the unattended robot and watching it, I can see the issue. other times it runs when I’m watching, but fails when I’m not watching. Is there any way to tell the robot to record a video of the session so we can see the failure?



I believe there is no such option for video recording

but you can check below for taking the screenshots

Hope this will helps you


Hi @rogerfries

You can try this idea

Assuming u had installed some video recording software in ur desktop like.obs

U can make the robot to trigger to play the video recording when the process just start and end it when process get completed

This u can be able to store the video of the robot execution

Try this idea


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