Screen recording inside unattended robot

Why can’t we have a feature in UiPath that records the session in the unattended robot and stores in the orchestrator.
It can be like enable and disable option for security constraints.
If user chooses enable the session should be recorded when unattended bot starts the execution of the process.
If user chooses disable it wont record the session.

This can be helpful for reference purposes as we can’t see the execution of process in unattened mode apart from logs.

Hi @Singoji_Durga
If you have an on-prem UiPath Orchestrator 19.4 and above, there is a feature to capture a series of screenshots as the unattended process is executing. You can define the frequency and duration but effectively you can get screenshots of the desktop session prior to a process execution failing. For example, if you set a frequency of 500 milliseconds and duration of 20 seconds, you will effectively capture 40 screenshots from the last 20 seconds of the execution of the unattended process if the process ends up in Faulted state.

More details here - Search for the field “Enable Recording”.

To be clear, UiPath Orchestrator will not produce a video file. It will produce screenshot images packed in a zip file.

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well that’s a great feature we can have in uipath.Thanks for letting me to aware of the option.
But one concern is to add the video session just for better understandment of the process in the session.This can help us to check entire process in one go instead of checking each and every image file in order to relate the process.

Hi @Singoji_Durga
I do share your view that a video is better than a series of screenshots. Please raise your suggestion in User Voice:

Our Product team can then consider your suggestion for future release of UiPath platform.