Screen recording - unattended robot

Why can’t we have a feature in UiPath that records the session in the unattended robot and stores in the orchestrator.
It can be like enable and disable option for security constraints.
If user chooses enable the session should be recorded when unattended bot starts the execution of the process.
If user chooses disable it wont record the session.

This can be helpful for reference purposes as we can’t see the execution of process in unattened mode apart from logs

Hi @Singoji_Durga

This is partially available for processes that failed, see here:

For now, it is only available On-Premise, but we are working to bring it to Cloud as well.

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In the meantime you can use remote desktop shadowing
Mstsc.exe /shadow:[sessionID] /v:[machine name] /noConsentPrompt
If you are not an admin on the machine , add /prompt to input admin credentials.
You also need to allow shadowing in the local group policy for that machine.