How to record video of Robot execution in uipath

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How to record video or movie while robot is running / executing workflow on machine in Uipath.

Let me know Is there any custom activity we can use in our existing project? We don’t want to use any third party software to record screen.

Thank you.

There aren’t any activities to record the video .
We have an activity to take screenshots.

We have to depend on third party tools for recording videos. No other option.

Karthik Byggari

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video recording is not part of the official uipath activities. But kindly note: some video recording software is influencing the Bot executing and leads e.g. to time out issues. So just do some testing before. Another option for lightweight documentations is taking screenshot or PSR.exe (Problem Step Recorder). In some scenarios this is covering the docu requirements right enough

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This is just to record the activity when the task failed.
How about to 24/7 record the unattended bot activity?

Hi Clementson, Did you got any solution, me too need the same.
i need to start recording when bot starts and stop recording when it stops