Will not transition to next lesson

doing lesson 2 - control flow part 2 Loops, I have done this 6 times, on IE, Edge, Chrome, and it will not register that the video is watched and transition to the next lesson (lesson 2 - control flow part 3 advanced control flow

please assist, I have done the following already;

tried different browsers
deleted all cookies, data etc… from browsers
restarted the laptop

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i think Academy site was under maintenance, as they mentioned in all courses page. please try again after sometime.

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Refer to this:


I am also facing same issue . Right now stuck at Developer Foundation Training - Revamped -> Lesson 6 - Selectors - Part 2. Not able to proceed to next lesson Part 4 after finishing the current video. Please fix.

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This bug appeared after installation of the release with new web-interface of academy, didn’t it? Why don’t you just roll back the web-site?