ЧProblem with course in Academy

There’s a problem with the course at the academy. Passed one hundred percent and when I go back to the starting page says “resume”, I go back and flip through everything, but nothing changes. All the checkboxes inside are glowing orange.

Hi this happens a lot can you try to log out THEN log in again

if still not work wait an hours , maybe still syncing

I re-login the system - didn’t help. This problem has persisted since last week

what browser youre using?

google Chrome

this happens to me also , but usually after get back into it , then go to the end , and properly scroll down to the end and click complete the module(exit module) it will work

i suggest try with diffren internet connection and browser , and make sure eveery course is already done

More than 5 times i will try in the same way, but it still not working

you can input your problems regarding academy in here


hope it helps

Thank you.

happy to help


We are facing this problem in chrome. can we use IE or Edge. to complete the course.


Good morning.
I will try right now

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