UiPath Quiz 14 unavailable

Hello, I am currently undertaking the Uipath foundation training. I did well till lesson 13 and passed the quiz. Later on when i go to lesson 14 the quiz is locked, saying that previous module has been locked, I checked out all the modules, I have nothing in a pending state. I refreshed many times to make it work properly, Kindly look into this issue as soon as possible. I need to get the certification done asap.

Logout and login back and check again, probably the logon session expired.

I did, I even used incognito, but no result.

Hi, I am having the same problem as well.

I am having the exact same problem

Not showing play button, instead showing a lock for previous, If you check the screenshot attached, All the lessons are marked green. Look into the issue asap.

Even I am having the same problem.It’s showing as locked.Can anyone please look into this issue asap.

Same problem ~~:cry:

Please try with another browser. I had the same problem with Chrome, but it worked with Microsoft Edge.

When you faced this problem?

I had this same problem on Firefox and Chrome. Only started having this problem today, it worked perfectly yesterday.

Yeah! From today morning when I checked it was not working.So i think this is not any browser issue because everyone is facing the same issue.
It might be a issue with their web portal.

@Roxana_Stratila @Stefan_Vrabie Can anyone of you help us in solving the issue.

Its not working, just now gave a try.

The same issue for me, the “Next”-button has vanished and I cannot continue to Lesson 14. Please solve the issue as soon as possible.

Now it looks like lesson 14 quiz is removed and the next step is the feedback form. After the feedback form again the issue repeats, final certification is locked.

Pinning this as there are duplicates popping all over.

Just completed all sections of the Foundation Training up to lesson 14, including he Feedback form, but the Final Test will not unlock.

How do I unlock the final test?

How can I finish the training? There is no Next button, the Previous button is locked.
Obviously, it’s not a browser issue, I have tried Chrome and Edge.