Lesson 2 - Control Flow Part 3 - Advanced Control Flow

Hi there,

I am doing UiPath academy training and I am stuck on the Lesson 2 - Control Flow Part 3 - Advanced Control Flow as it doesn’t unlock next lesson. As I noticed, all other lessons are blocked as well so I can’t even skip the one that is not working for me.

The module I am relating to is from Level 1 - Foundation Training - revamped

Did anyone have the same issue and solve it somehow?

I will much appreciate any help.

Ideally, you will have to complete the current video or download the sample data/project to be able to unlock the next step in the lesson.

Also, all consecutive lessons are locked by default and unlock as you proceed.
Try a browser refresh.

if you have done all of these, and the lesson is locked please contact academy

I have the same issue. No page refreshing or signing out and in again helps, I submitted the ticket two days ago but nothing has been fixed yet.
It seems we just have to be patient.

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Yes please raise a support ticket.
If the problem is fixed you will get notified.

Patience is the companion of wisdom -Saint Augustine

Glad to know I’m not the only one. I will rise ticket as well.

Check this workaround - it’s working fine for me: