Why I am not getting any value from gettext?

I am not getting any value from get text activity? I have tried a log message but it’s not printing any value. It returns empty value.


make sure you have the valid selector
try to reindicate if required
Wait for page load - have this property as Complete and try again

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  1. Check your Selector : The most common reason for Get Text not working is an incorrect or unstable selector. Ensure that the selector accurately identifies the element you want to extract text from.

Use the UiExplorer to validate and fine-tune the selector.

  1. Check if the webpage has been load properly before Get text action processed.

  2. try with some Dealy before the get text action

@Palaniyappan you mean wait for ready? Is there Wait for page load activity?

yeah its a property, it differs with name alone between windows legacy and cross platform

I am trying to get value using get text from Response. But I either get null value or error while trying to fetch value from “Reponse” @Palaniyappan @Gokul001

Have you tried with Screen Scrapping method? @Samraat_Maharjan1

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Hello @samraat_maharjan2

  1. Attach Browser - Open the web page or application where you want to extract text.

  2. Get Text - Extract text from the target element.

    • Selector: Specify the selector for the target element
    • Output: Create a string variable, e.g., extractedText
  3. If - Check if the extractedText is not empty.

    Inside the If block:
    4. Log Message - Print the extracted text to the output.

    • Message: "Extracted Text: " + extractedText
  4. Close Browser - Close the browser session when done.

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No, I haven’t tried. Do you mean screen recording?

Try with this one @Samraat_Maharjan1

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Is this from modern design or classic ? I don’t have this facility.

Click on the project seeting icon and disable the Modern Design Experience

@Kartheek_Battu I am not getting value at all. I just keep on getting null value

from this filed

Hi @samraat_maharjan2

Try using Get OCR Text activity.
Please check the thread attached may work.

UIPath - Unable to get Text from UI - Stack Overflow


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