Can i paste value in variable?

I am trying to copy the certain string value from website and paste into variable. is it possible in UiPath? I am struggling with get text since it’s not giving me any value.

Hi @Samraat_Maharjan1

You can try with Get Texy activity to get the data from the Website and store output in the string variable .


If Get Text isn’t giving you any value then you probably have it configured wrong. Post a screenshot of its properties and post your selector.

@Gokul001 I am not getting value from get text. I know how it works.

@postwick I try to print it’s value with it’s variable name + another text.

I only get another text.

Have you tried with screenscrapping methods ? @Samraat_Maharjan1

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Again, show us the properties and the selector. What kind of object is it on the web page? It’s not an image, is it?

@Gokul001 No, I haven’t tried it. the funny thing is that with one flow I am getting desired value but with another flow where my actually bot is, I am not getting value.


it’s something like this

I see you have an idx property in one of them, and have the text property in the last one. Since text is what you’re trying to get, this isn’t a good selector. And you should avoid idx if possible.


Should I remove idx = ‘99’ or this whole line?

And what do you mean by having text property in last line. I already have it.

If you’re doing a Get Text, then the text changes, right? So using text in the selector isn’t good since it changes.

You don’t just remove idx, you have to adjust your selector so it isn’t needed. Idx is put in there because the other properties aren’t unique. You can try removing that whole line and seeing if it still validates. In general, you need to learn how selectors work and how to adjust them, it takes practice. You can’t just always accept what UiPath gives you.

yes @postwick you are right. Text changes. Okay, i will remove the whole line. It still validates.

Just because it validates doesn’t mean it’s going to find the right element. It looks like the selectors in this application are pretty vague and generic, so it may take some trial and error getting it right. One important part is using the tree on the left to figure out how the page is structured and how to generate a good selector.

I am trying to fetch value from response of Developer tools.
Network >>get pan search >> response

I am not able to get value from get text activity. @postwick