Get Text activity error for idx=3

I am facing some problem while I am going to use “get Text” activity , and want to extract some text form website. I have used dynamic selector for all same type of value extraction. While I am click on highlights into selector editor, then it highlights correct text every time. But when going to run the project, getting the below error:

Please help to resolve the issue.



try to modify the following red arrow value at WorkflowAnalyzer in ProjectSettings?
Or changing default action is also good.

To know more about project settings

Cheers @Subhamay_Maity1

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Hi @Subhamay_Maity1

The error you’re encountering with the “Get Text” activity in UiPath can occur for various reasons. To help you resolve the issue, here are some troubleshooting steps:

  1. Check Selector Validity: Verify that the dynamic selector you’ve created is still valid and matches the element you intend to extract text from. Ensure that there are no changes in the webpage structure or the element you’re targeting. Sometimes, websites update their structure, causing selectors to become invalid.

  2. Use UiExplorer: Open UiExplorer (from the “Design” tab in UiPath Studio) and use it to fine-tune your selector. You can manually validate the selector by highlighting the element on the web page and seeing if it matches the expected element. Make sure to indicate elements correctly in UiExplorer.

  3. Selector Attributes: Ensure that the attributes you’re using in the dynamic selector are unique and stable. Common attributes include “id,” “name,” or “class.” Avoid using attributes that frequently change.

  4. Dynamic Elements: If the web page uses dynamically generated elements, you may need to make your selector more dynamic as well. Use wildcards or variables to accommodate changing values.

  5. Selector Timeout: Ensure that the “WaitForReady” property of the “Get Text” activity is set correctly. It should be set to “COMPLETE” if you need the entire page to load before extracting text.

  6. Browser Extension: Make sure the UiPath browser extension is properly installed and enabled for the browser you’re automating (e.g., Chrome, Firefox). Sometimes, issues can arise if the extension is not working correctly.

  7. Try Different Methods: If you’re still having trouble, consider using other methods to extract text, such as the “Screen Scraping” wizard or the “Get Full Text” activity. These methods can be more robust in certain situations.

  8. Error Details: Pay attention to the error message details. It might provide more specific information about what went wrong. Sometimes, it could be related to browser compatibility or other environmental factors.

  9. Debugging: Use UiPath’s debugging features to step through your workflow and inspect variables and selectors at runtime. This can help identify the exact point where the issue occurs.

  10. Browser Updates: Ensure that your web browser is up to date, as updates can sometimes affect automation.

If you’ve tried these steps and are still facing issues, please provide more specific information about the error message or the web page you are trying to automate. This additional information will help in diagnosing and providing a more accurate solution.


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Thanks everyone, the issue is resolved.

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