No results return in GetText activity

I use a GetText activity in order to retreive a date that I store in a string variable “DateMessage”.
This date is not always the same depending on my data.
But my variable is always null.
I think issue is on the selector I use but I havn’t UIExplorer.
Is someone can help ?


Please check the selector in ui explorer

open the ui explorer and indicate the target element and then try selecting properties which you feel are static from the right top menu…

alternately you can select multiple lines from the centre menu to get a good selector…

To validate the selector reload the page and click on validate if not validated repeat the process

And coming to attributes…you can rely on tag, id (if it does not contain number) to satrt with…And as youw ant time innertext might bot be a good idea as that changes…

please try like this

Alternately try using get attribute activity if get text does not work and try selecting innertext attribute


can you use uiexplorer and post the screenshot here? @laureline.dehay

I can’t access to uiexplorer as I havn’t the pro version of UiPath.
Here my selectors :

The result with GetAttribute is the same :confused:


With get attribute try getting text attribute or if there is value attribute can try that as well


You should do the free UiPath Academy training on selectors.

Hello, I already see the UI Path Academy training on selectors but I can’t access to UIExplorer on the free version of UiPath so not abble to do the same.