Why As of date is not indicated as required once I click on OK?

Hi, I’ve got a problem at the end of my automation.
I try to run a request in my Oracle ERP and once I fill in everything under parameters and click on “OK” my parameters is not the one that I choose (see below)
Do you know how to proceed?


Is it something with oracle application like is it the same when doing manually
Or is it happening only with bot and if so pls elaborate what is happening

Cheers @mce

No the problem is with the bot. When I do it manually under Oracle everything works as expected.

What I try to do is

  • Run a specific request in Oracle
  • Before to run the request fill in some information using type into activity
  • click on “ok” using either click activity or send hotkey activity

but once I use the click activity or use the send hotkey activity, then I dont get the correct info under parameters field

I expect to have this in the parameter field

and actually when I click on “OK”, I get the below information noted in the Parameter field


I solve the issue using a workaround. I’ve click on ok - submit to generate the first predefined parameters (so fake run request I would say) and then do the submit successfully for the other entities and it works.

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