Oracle application click element throwing issue help me out

after login into oracle page i want to go to below module using IE(see attachment) click on rates , help me out how can i design a bot for this. i used click option , it is throwng error like cannot find ui element for this browser afteri close the browser and run the bot

please help me out for this case.

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Some web applications have auto generated selectors so differ every time you load the page.

Try to use UiExplorer to identify if you can attach to live element.

Otherwise you may have to identify another way to access that particular route, i.e. key presses or using click text etc.

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You were almost done
—like once after logging in it will go to a NEW PAGE that is a NEW WINDOW so we need to use either ATTACH BROWSER or ATTACH WINDOW activity and inside that keep the CLICK activity

Also enable the Simulate click property in the property panel of click activity

Cheers @senthil.it89

it is not working palani, it is still throwing error as same

Hmm…Actually it would buddy, is simulate click property enabled
If possible can I see the selector if the click activity

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- error while running
image - selector window

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kindly check whether the selector has any dynamic value in it
Like Click once the element and get the selector
And again close the application and open, clcik on the same element and get the selector
Compare them and we will Be finding the selector
I hope parent id will be differing
If so replace the dynamic part with wild card *

Cheers @senthil.it89

yeah it worked ad dynamic value by passing wildcard
many thanks

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Cheers @senthil.it89

after clicking on rates - security warning popup window should appear— in my case bot is executed but popup warning not runing

i have designed a bot to do the check box selection , but iam getting error like below.

Attach window would work on this
But I hope there must be some issue with the selector
We can try with GetActive Window activity where inside that container place this click activities

Cheers @senthil.it89

in this new popup window i have to press ok or enter in window,

then in the below popup window i have to click cancle,

then i have double click currencies,double click daily

help me to design the bot

- my design
image -error throwing