Type Into and click Functionalities not working for Oracle Form


I am working on Automation of oracle form.

When I try to insert data with Type Into activity, the data is getting added but when I save clicking OK button the data is blanking out.

for example if I type address Line 1 and 2 and then click ok button, the data is getting filled by the robot but when I open the form again it is showing blank.

Also if I allow robot to fill the data and I click ok button manually then also the form is blanking out.

Not sure if Oracle is not supporting Uipath or is it selector issue.

Have attached screenshot of the oracle form for reference.

oracle form error.docx (130.5 KB)

Hi @neetinarvekar2

This may be some issue in oracle form

Try to reach the support team or Help desk or tell your issue to your client


@neetinarvekar2, It might help to include the settings and selector details for the TypeInto activity. Try setting EmptyField = True, and ClickBeforeTyping=True, and do not have SimulateType = true.

Also, is it safe to assume you have the UiPath Extension for Java installed?

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