BOT clicking in a button but its not taking effect some times it seems

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We have Oracle Cloud application where the BOT needs to acknowledge a PO by clicking on Accept or Reject button. After that the PO status should change to Acknowledged.

But some times even after performing the same steps and clicking on the button the status of the PO is Pending for Acknowledgement.

Is it a BOT issue or issue in the Oracle cloud application ?

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It’s might be due to the delay in the application

You can try use maximum delay to the click

Also another way is retry scope and use Element exist activity as condition

So if the element exists it will skip retry, else it will retry on click again

Hope this will help you


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Hi @Srini84

There is no issue in the Bot steps or navigation. Bot is clicking on the Accept button and after that also one pop up coming to confirm where BOT is clicking the OK button as well. So there is no issue in the Bot.

Still after that the status is not changing in the Oracle Cloud. Not sure if it is Oracle Cloud application issue.


Can you try manually the case where you are getting the issue?

also you can include few steps check the status, If that is not changed then redo the certain steps

Not sure about the oracle application, that you can discuss internally with the team

like that you can try

Hope this will help you



I have faced this multiple times with oracle when I worked with ERP Applications
Sometimes it happens even while trying manually

To validate we can do two things to check whether it’s with bot or with application

  1. Use a DOUBLE CLICK instead of single click as sometimes Java based application require double click to trigger its back end process
    So in CLICK activity choose CLICK DOUBLE as click type and enable simulate click property as well

  2. Next to that use a ELEMENT EXISTS or HET TEXT to get updated status from ORACLE FORMS page
    To validate whether it has really clicked or not
    That is in oracle usually we get a status or a text for a particular page
    We can identify that as a element or a text and validate accordingly

  3. Even after doing all these if oracle Application is not reflecting the change then keep the above two activity inside a retry scope activity and try for number of times

  4. And still if that doesn’t work then i will term it as APPLICATION EXCEPTION and send as a notification to Line of business
    Once it is been validated from their end then it fine

Hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @kkpatel

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Don’t use delays if you can avoid them. Set WaitForReady to COMPLETE.

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Thanks @Palaniyappan , I will try.

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