While scheduling a task Through Task scheduler : whether the Logged in or not options is not working!



Hi @ovi
Hi Team
I am Creating a scheduling Process in task Scheduler to automate the certain task at a particular time. In that we have two scenarios
i) run only when user is logged on
ii) Run whether the user is logged on or not.

In the first scenario, it’s working fine. But in the second scenario is not working ?

Is there any Possibilities to work on this issues or this features is supported by UiPath ?
any idea!!!



Windows task scheduler is not supported anymore. We recommend scheduling using Orchestrator.


Hi @ovi it is supporting while i am giving this “i) run only when user is logged on”

if i am setting this one is a problem “ii) Run whether the user is logged on or not.”

Why what is the reason ,In Uipath it is not supported ?


By “it’s not supported anymore” i mean we cannot forbid you to use it, but if it’s not working we don’t offer support for it. We don’t test it anymore since 2017.1 version therefore we wouldn’t know for sure what’s the issue.


Thanks for your valuable reply.

ok thanks
while using orchestrator for schedule Process !!

Hi @ovi
in my schedule Process After finish my Process take screenshot and save in one Location at the error throws? see the error screenshot


But if i am separately running a program its working Fine !! so what i need to do (any changes in Xaml File) for that in Properties any changes are there or some other issues ?
Can you Please Help Me


Hi @ovi

Are you there ?

we have solution for these issues ?


Can you upload a screenshot of that Save image activity? The error basically says a variable is not initialized, but we need to have more details.



Hi @ovi

ok Sure,
Please find the screenshot !!

Variable screenshot!!!



Thanks Ravi!

And that img variable is the Output of Take Screenshot activity?


yes, @ovi

Are you Checking @ovi
Any Updates For regarding these !!!


Can you send the wf?


Hi @ovi

Please find the Xaml File Below :

  • removed due to privacy -



Hi @ovi
Are you seeing on that xaml file to FIX that issues !!


Can you try with just the two activities: Take screenshot and Save image if it actually works?

Or you could use a condition, if Image Exists(input you img variable) to save it.


yes, these only two activities only i am using for saving a image !!!

Then Below that Read Text File,SMTP Mail Message Activities there.

How this one can be implement !!!



Hi @ovi

Are you there

How it is possible And how can able to do that can you able to help me
Reply me @ovi


Hi @ovi
Any updates is there for these issues !!!

Can you able to help me out to re-solve this ?

Are you looking on that Xaml file to solve that issues !


Hi ovi,

I found your post relates to my question below.
As I remember reading the 2018.2 release notes where it is said that using task scheduler is still supported for enterprise bot (not for CE).

So, our client is asking if we can still use task scheduler to run bot in the following situation:
*In total there are 2 workstations (WS)
*WS_1: Installs only an attended bot for production automation
*WS_2: Installs a enterprise version Studio, and an attended bot for develope and test automation
*No orchestrator

After looking around, the task scheduler can only run main.xaml files when the project is published.

So, the question is that if I publish the project in WS_2, is it possible to use task scheduler to run the published project in WS_1? (assume I’ll move all the proper files from WS_2 to WS_1)

The orchestrator is really a show stopper for small enterprise automations.

Thanks a lot!