Task Scheduler not working

Task Scheduler not working, please have the solution.

Hi @Shubham4323 make sure the trigger is enabled too

Kindly try with Triggers option in orchestrator
For orchestrator free version
Go to https://platform.uipath.com
Where login with common authentication like enter gmail password and username and login
Once after logging in click on tab services and click on the blu coloured tenant link which will take us to the Orchestrator tenant page

There we can find the option Triggers which will be more reliable

Cheers @Shubham4323

@jcvsalinas its enabled but not working.

Task schedule may work at sometimes and might at some instances
Kindly try with triggers option in orchestrator which is more stable and reliable

what process are you running in the task itself? are you calling a batch file? does the command prompt appear at all?

Hi @Shubham4323,
Please check the security options of the Schedule, in Properties > General tab.
and make sure the Run with highest privilege is checked and the selected user is correct for running the task.