Robot proceeds past a click activity when the webpage hasn't successfully changed


I’ve run into a new error that’s never occurred before: The robot starts an iterative process of clicking on buttons to navigate a webpage, and on the 3rd iteration, it believes it’s clicked a link back to load the previous page, but the webpage doesn’t change and the robot proceeds with the following activities, where it fails. I have no idea how to fix this. Resetting the selectors, deleting the activities and remapping them still fail.

Please help!

can you change the click to the modern click activity?

then when indicating element, tick enforce element visibiity
then set verify execution = verifyExecutionOptions
indicate the verification target element , tick retry and set timeout, meaning if target element is not visible after N seconds, it will redo the click activitu

if you cant find modern activities you have to enable them in the activities panel


I checked my logic one more time and I figured it out. I had conditional logic that was not being met, so my bot was doing a continue activity and I forgot to also have the bot navigate back to the prior page to continue with the next iteration. Completely overlooked this one thing!

These are some of the properties of Click activity that you should configure in case the bot is not interactive on that particular element.

  1. You could use user defined delays to wait for the element to be interactive.
  2. You could set Wait for ready as complete, so that the elements will be interactive completely before next step is executed.
  3. If it’s a simulate type activity such as some process is being simulated on click activity, you should set SimulateClick property as True.
  4. Last but not the least, you could try configuring your selectors.

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