Which is better Assets or Parameters?

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I am here to ask this question which is very important to me when it comes to creating aclean script same time A Clean #Orchestrator Environment.

Assets: We call it with multiple processes if they are using the same value for example Asset >>Bot running in Test or Prod environment. This asset gonna have a boolean value and could be used for every process.
Parameters: These are process-based which we declare either while creating a new process in the orchestrator or trigger.

Now my question is what you think Which is better Assets or Parameters ??
if you have a process that using a unique value just for that process what would you use Asset or Parameters?
My thinking, Creating too many assets always lead to too much mess in orchestrator especially when you have 10000’s of process and each one using its more than 1 assest for different action.
Also, Does it has any impact on the orchestrator performance ?

Please share your ideas & thoughts on this.
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In Orchestrator we can create different Assets(AssetName,AssetValue).
Asset types can store a credential value, a boolean value , a text value or a number value.

Step to Use Orchestrator Parameters
In Studio you can use the below activities by passing “AssetName” .

  1. “Get Credential” (only for Asset type of Credential)
  2. “Get Asset” (for Asset type of Number, Boolean, Text)
  3. Using above Activities we will get the actual “AssetValue” w.r.t “AssetName” and this AssetValue are stored in an output variable in studio.
  4. Variable can be used as parameters and can be passed in the “invoke workflow activity”.

Hope this could help :slight_smile:

Srikanth s

Hello @daljit_parmar,

While its true that we ought to maintain a clean environment and not overload it with redundant data, it is also important to understand clearly and evaluate what type of input should be used: Asset or Parameter as rightly said by you.

Now if I were to pass any value that changes frequently from process to process or job to job I’d not try and store it as an Asset. Lets say if my input file name is changing with every run, I’d pass it as a parameter. Or if it is specific to each process or each job.
Where as for values which are constant/confidential (say credentials) / information used by multiple processes or jobs, I would use an Asset.

However, it might be subject to project needs at times.

Would love to hear your opinion on this.

Cheers! :v:

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Hi @songoel,

Thank you for writing. You are very much right

I like your comment.