#FeatureBlog - 19.10 - Orchestrator Resources in Studio

Working with Orchestrator Assets was never so easy before. Let’s check it!

What’s new?

As many of you know we can keep variables like TEXT, INTEGER, BOOLEAN or CREDENTIAL type directly in Orchestrator. Then we can use them in the Studio during process development.

Using variables created in Orchestrator you can change their values even if process which is using them is already deployed into package or you don’t have possibility to edit it in Studio.

The new feature is that you can check your Assets and their names without even going to Orchestrator. Everything is available directly from the Studio :slight_smile:

Let’s begin

I created variable of “text” type called “Test_Asset” in Orchestrator. The value is “testing done”. Let’s create simple workflow and use this variable.

  1. First I will check if my Robot is connected to proper Orchestrator Tenant. Please remember about using correct address for connection (more info HERE and please check out our DOCUMENTATION too).

  2. Then I will create simple sequence with Write Line activity.

  3. Now let’s click the circled arrows icon (image ) in the bottom right side, next to +Add to Source Control button.

  4. You will see that Studio has been connected with Orchestrator and additional tab called Orchestrator Resources is available.

  5. Let’s check our resources.

  6. Now I can use right mouse button on my asset and copy it.

  7. We need to put it into proper activity. In my case (as it’s text type of variable) it will be Get Asset. You can choose other depends of what you need to do in the project.

  8. Now I will use my copied asset in activity’s properties and set it’s output to use in my process.

  9. That’s how final project looks.

  10. And the end of the process.

That’s it for this #FeatureBlog

Please provide your valuable feedback about this feature! Our product team is hungry to build upon the basic functionalities so feed them your ideas :slight_smile:

Don’t be shy, click on image and tell us what you think or do it directly from Studio image !
As always, thank you for reading and happy automating!



Its great feature to view existing Assets and Queues from the UiPath Studio without opening Orchestrator :slight_smile:
In the coming versions… Can we expect an option to crate an Asset or Queue from the Orchestrator Resources Panel ?


Many users are asking for this. I will not say “no” and “yes”. We have this on target but I can’t say when and what exactly :slight_smile:


Continuing the discussion from #FeatureBlog - 19.10 - Orchestrator Resources in Studio:

Global value toggle in Assets is something which is mix of Normal Assets and value per bot assets?

If global it be available to all robots and only specific robots will override that global value?

Can you please share some screenshot on its working also

Nice, do we have some way to close or disable this feature?

@shakeelmuc why would you like to disable this?

Orchestrator Resource Panal makes studio hang for some time. There should be option to remove it from studio layout.

Can you describe in which situation in makes your Studio to slow down. Have you tried to use other network/connection?