Where we can create SDD or In which application we are using to prepare SDD and PDD

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where we can create SDD or In which application we are using to prepare SDD and PDD.

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We generally use word application
But to generate Task mining can help you to create SDDs and PDDs. Task mining is a process of recording and analyzing user interactions with a software application to identify and document business processes.

By using task mining, you can automatically generate a high-level overview of your business processes, including the steps involved, the data used, and the systems involved. This information can then be used to create comprehensive and accurate SDDs and PDDs.

Check this out

Refer this on where and when we create SDD and PDD
Usually we create these documents using word document

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Real time which application we are using to create the sdd and pdd ?

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Word application
But as I told u can use task mining to generate details for SDD and PDD that can included in a word document
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In layman’s terms, SDD (System Design Document) and PDD (Process Design Document) are documents that help explain how something will work or be built:

  1. System Design Document (SDD):

    • Think of it as the blueprint of a project or system.
    • It describes in detail how the system will be structured, what components it will have, and how they will interact.
    • It’s like the architectural plans for a house, specifying where each room goes and how they connect.
  2. Process Design Document (PDD):

    • This is more about how a specific process or workflow works within a system.
    • It explains the steps, rules, and logic involved in a process.
    • It’s like a recipe that tells you the ingredients and the steps to follow to bake a cake.

These documents are typically used in business analysis, software development, and various project management contexts. They help ensure that everyone involved understands how something will be built or how a process works.

You can create SDD and PDD using various applications:

  1. Word Processors: You can create these documents using applications like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

  2. Diagramming Tools: For SDDs, you might use diagramming tools like Microsoft Visio or draw flowcharts to represent system components and their interactions.

I personally use MS Word & for flowchart & diagram creation Lucidchart.com

The choice of tool depends on your organization’s preferences and the complexity of the documents.

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where we can use draw.io - http://draw.io/

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