What the difference of PDD/SDD/DSD, and which should we use?

Hi everyone,

I’m confused about these following documents PDD/SDD/DSD since there’s no exactly an official answer.

I know it’s a common question but I want to understand it clearly since those content is mixed.

At present, I understood that generally

  1. PDD is generated by BA, and it should cover the AS-IS Process.
  2. SDD is generated by Solution Architect or Developer and it should cover the TO-BE Process.
  3. According to the other article, DSD is the same thing as SDD but with a different name.

So I want to know, in the official flow, which document of those should I prepare for?
3.or ALL of them?

Also, which is the exactly version of the PDD?
I collected 3 versions of PDD from UiPath released.
The 1st & 2nd version has AS-IS & TO-BE Process.
3rd has AS-IS process only.

Below are the documents I collected.
Some are samples, some are template. Feel free to see or utilize it:
1st version PDD Template.docx (275.0 KB)
2nd version PDD_AutomationHub_template.docx (279.4 KB)
3nd version(These are level 3 samples) WI5 - Calculate Client Security Hash.pdf (1.2 MB)
GenerateYearlyReportProcessDesign.pdf (1.2 MB)

SDD document
SDD_template_v01.docx (314.0 KB)

DSD document
DSD_template_v01.docx (278.2 KB)

Please feel free to provide your opinion.
It’ll be useful If anyone can help clarify those documents which are needed and the version.
It really needs an official answer.


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