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Hello UiPath Guys!

i just finish some trainings on UiPath academy and i think it was an amazing way to grow capabilities about automation! But i have a little question, during curse i was introduced to PDD for an high level process design (on functional point of view) but the SDD (from the technical point of view i guess) is missing.
As of my understanding this document is extremely variable but i would like to check some example. Do you have something like this?

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From technical point of view DSD (Development Specification Document) is available.
You can get the sample DSD from uipath academy.


Hello KarthikByggari and thank you for your response! On which curse can i find the DSD document?

In the advanced training you will get the DSD.
I am attaching the template here - (453.1 KB)

Karthik Byggari


Thank you so much KarthikByggari!



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Hello Karthik,

is DSD and SDD same or are they different ? Appreciate your inputs



Yes both are same only.

DSD - Design Specification Document

SDD - Solution Design Document


Sorry for delay. Both are same.

Karthik Byggari


Both are different in few Areas

  1. SDD - solution Design document - Which will be prepared by SA along with the help of BA to give minute details of the ‘As is’ process and how it can be converted to ‘To Be’ process
    Usually SDD gets create before to the actual development of the project code

  2. DSD - Development specifications Document - Which RPA Dev creates during project code development / as practice of Post code development task , which will be having Any assets used in the process, Version of the Master project , And consider this as Runtime book which will be having details of already developed workflows , sub workflows , which process invokes which sub process etc

Every time DSD has to be updated for each change happens in the Code



This is PDD(Process Design Document) right ?

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PDD and SDD is almost same

PDD is process design document which will be having details bit high level document , where as you can consider SDD as minute level details document
In few organisations they use it with the term either PDD or SDD

There is another document which is DPD - Deployment procedure Document


Hi Mattia,

I found out DSD & SDD sample files in UiPath Automation Hub, please find them from DSD & SDD (538.1 KB)
p.s. some content in the DSD template take from SDD, you can follow the notification in DSD


Thanks for sharing this. I was looking for such templates


It will generate SDD for you also you can customize template

To assist you generate SDD

This will assist you generate SDD

Pessoal Alguem poderia me passar um modelo do PDD por favor?

Karthik Byggari,
VocÊ teria um exemplo de PDD oara me enviar , por favor?

Regina Gazotto

Olá Regina,

Process Definition Document (PDD).docx (762.6 KB)

Segue um exemplo, definido pela própria UiPath.