What is PDD?and what the difference between PDD and SDD

what is PDD?and what the difference between PDD and SDD


PDD is Process Design Document which have the process and detailed steps of program which I guess is created by BA.

While SDD is Solution design document which contains the design and architecture of a software helping team to understand the software


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Process Definition Document - Content as is steps performed in manual process

PDD - Process Design Document is prepared by BA, which describe about the business flow(we also call it as “AS IS” process). It also includes all other information like FTE, Transaction load, Business rules, known exception, unknown exception, Error handling, Risks, Assumptions, SLA, Dependencies etc.

SDD - Solution Design Document is usually prepared by Architect/ Developer. which describe about the automation approach(we also call it as “TO BE” process). It explain about architecture design, applications involved in automation, Decision logics, exception handling, modular work flow level details, reusable components etc etc…