Where to use transactions

l’m having a doubt, l’m reading information from an excel file, then adding queues on orchestrator with specific data from the excel file and then l get the information of the transactions.
So, is that a right way to do it? l mean, l could just read the information from excel and do what l want to do

yah thats exactly what REFramework does
so you are good

you may take the value from excel and use it…but when you are using business process involving too many applications integrated and that information is used at different stages
and at sometimes that information may or may not be used…which can be updated in the queue with SET TRANSACTION STATUS activity based on the exception we get

so literally to manage the information whether it was used or not, whether it was processed or not, whether it went through successfully or not…QUEUES will help you buddy

hope this would help you

Cheerss @kevinymg

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Other question buddy, inside the read range where it iterates throught all the excel rows l addes a try catch and l added a set transaction status at the end of the try, in case it iterates without error set the status seccessful and in the catch l addes a set transaction with failed status
This in case any error reading the excel file, so is that a nice error handling?

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well i hope you mean like this
Try block
read range
Catch block
if any exception
Set Transaction Status as Failed

this is fine
but mostly we wont face any issue unless if the excel file is opened or the range mentioned is wrong or there is no sheets
thesse would be the reasons for exception with read range
Cheers @kevinymg

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Yep, that’s what l mean, and inside the try block l add the queues to the orchestrator
l added just in case, because the excel file is downloaded from a webpage
So in case something happends
Man l have one last questio, l don’t know if l can ask on this topic or l have to create a new one.
It’s about the should stop activity

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no worreis
kindly have a view on this

Cheers @kevinymg

Are we good now :wink:
Cheers @kevinymg

So, this means that for example inside a flowchart l have 2 sequences, one in which l read an excel file and other l write inside an excel file, do l have to add a should stop activity at the end of the 2 sequences?
and also define what to do when the execution stopped

Yah that would be better
Because even when you process stop button in orchestrator in JOBS tab the process will be getting executed till the place where this should stop is mentioned
So if we have mentioned that next after writing the file we would be having the file atleast ready even if we click on stop button

Hope this would help you
Cheers @kevinymg

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All clear now, Thanks man
Cheers @Palaniyappan

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