Excel: Read row, Check status, Do stuff, Update status, Save file, Next row?

I’ve been learning as I go but i’m struggling on this one and wanted to see if there is a simple process that isn’t as crazy as what I’ve thought up before I try to do what I cam up with on my own.

My use case is read an excel file and each row gets entered into a web site as a record set. Think add user with LOTS of fields. And a few thousand users.

I want to be able to update the file as the process is running. Ideally we would update a ‘Status’ column in the file when a record is new, processing, completed, or failed.

So, How do I…

Open the excel file
Read the rows until we get the first ‘Status’ = ‘New’ row
Update the row’s status to ‘Processing’
Save file
Do the web site actions
If completed (based on checks) set status to ‘Completed’
If interrupted or error set status to ‘Failed’
Save File
Do next row

Please keep in mind there are thousands of rows with nearly one hundred columns.

And I really like being able to reference column names. Example: row(“email”).ToString

From what I’ve been able to read so far I am thinking I may need to use SQL, but want to see if there is a reasonable excel solution.

Thanks for your time and suggestions!

What if you would use Queues? Read the excel -> add certain data to a queue -> do the web actions -> process the Queue(set status for each Transaction).
I have an example of adding items to Queue from excel file and another one to process the items if you are interested in changing the perspective.
AddToNRAQueue.zip (70.2 KB)
ConsumeNRAQueue.zip (43.2 KB)

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I will begin looking into queues.

I am totally willing to change the perspective.

An example of how to do so would be a huge help and time saver.

Thank you.

And here is the guide to get a better understanding:

Any questions, feel free to ask.

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Very cool, I like this idea a lot.

I’ve only learned the basics of studio to do what I need so far and will be reading about the above.

Before I do invest a lot of time in this direction, do you know if can I do this with the community edition?

I’ve read a little about Orchestrator but haven’t done anything with it yet. And I’m not familiar with the UiPath licensing structure.

Thanks ovi!

Yes, you can, with Orchestrator CE: https://platform.uipath.com/

You will find in the guide everything explained. If something’s unclear, just ask. :wink:

I suggest to take the free courses on the Academy: https://academy.uipath.com/lms/. Once you complete(and pass) the Foundation Training, the Orchestrator course will be unlocked.

Good luck, Carl!

P.s: your initial approach wasn’t wrong for a few dozens of rows(or maybe hundreds). But for a few thousand, in my opinion, it’s easier with queues.

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