How to enter data in the excel file along with the transaction success failure status when using REFramework

I should enter my data in excel file and my transaction status succes either failure should be shown in excel only and my framework is RE Framework and i wont use orchestrator

Can anybody help me out ASAP .


Could you please tell more details for better understanding and where you got stuck at the time of doing this task ?

hi lakshman,

So i gave my excel file input in init state, as i mentioned i am not using orchestrator , so i am getting error in transaction state in get transaction item value should not be null,

What are the activities should i disable in transaction state


In whole process you need to change the TransactionItem type from QueueItem to required type based on your input data as you are not using Orchestrator Queues.

i didnt get you lakshman


In your process you will find one variable called ** TransactionItem** and it is of type Uipath.Core.QueueItem. If you are using Orchestrator Queue then variable type should be QueueItem only.

As you said not using Orchestrator right so i am telling to change the variable type from QueueItem to some other type based on your input data.

Suppose your input data is of type DataTable and you need to process one by one row from that DataTable then your datatypes should be below.

TransactionData - System.Data.DataTable
TransactionItem - System.Data.DataRow



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