Where to Get Help to Complete the Lesson Practicals

I appreciate that practicals must introduce new topics and I really don’t want to rely on looking up answers too soon or the serendipity aspect of learning is lost. But so far, imho, the practicals do not have sufficient guidance help to lead the trainee to the solution. So, for example, lesson 2 practical 3 expects the trainee to create a script with “WriteLine”, “Break” and “StartsWith”, without alluding to the fact these are needed! Breaking out of a ForNext loop, when I was a programmer 25 years ago, was considered to be exceptionally bad practice. So I did not know that it was even necessary to search the activities for “Break”. I did eventually stumble onto “WriteLine” but failed to find “StartsWith”, because I was searching with wrong keywords.

The practicals should/must teach trainees how to use the reference material available. To do that there must be hints in the practical, not only how to structure the solution but how to find the activities needed (I used a Do While and a counter for the loop, not a For Next). If the practicals were so structured it would also point up where there are deficiencies in the reference material. For example, try searching for “StartsWith” in “The UiPath Activities Guide” - you won’t find anything!!! That’s bad enough of itself, but for the completion of practical session it’s positively disastrous.