Lesson 6 quiz nav tag

This is a question from Lesson 6


I haven’t shown the answer and I don’t want someone to tell me what it is.

What I want is to know how to find the answer to this question that has been asked presumably to check the understanding of the course. This wasn’t covered in the course but I also can’t find the answer by searching on the UiPath website or by general googling.

I don’t understand the point of these questions which essentially test your ability to guess answers.

If anyone can point me in the right direction to increase my understanding that would be great as far as the test goes I’ll have to guess the answer and I’ll either pass or fail the test until I get the pass mark (I’ll actually retake the test until I get 100% so I can think I’ve covered most of the questions relating to this topic but I’ll still not know how to answer this question other than trial and error)

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Hi Clark,

Please check again lesson 6 - Selectors, part 4. Starting at 4:40, the relative selectors are described and at the end will say also the options for the “nav” tag.
When you don’t know the answer to a question, the best is to search in the documentation or to look again at the video, of course you should not take a guess. The point is that you’ll learn something at the end of the Foundation course, not just to finish it.

Indeed, I could not find anything else regarding the relative selectors in the online documentation, this is something that we have to improve. Thanks for the feedback!

Best regards


Thanks @Silviu you are absolutely right in the video it does cover the nav tag options in video 4 so thanks very much for looking through them for that piece of info (It obviously didn’t sink into my brain from watching the videos initially). The problem is that there is no way to know that for that particular piece of information you would have to look in video 4 so you would have had to essentially look through all the videos again to find out (I’m guessing thats what you did so thanks again).

As you said it should also be documented, as the videos are a great learning tool but it’s very difficult to reference specific information from them unless you know exactly where to look and if you know that you’ve probably got a photographic memory and don’t need to remind yourself by looking in a video.

For learning the processes of doing things though the videos are fantastic as it’s so easy to get confused about what goes where with ambiguities or general misunderstanding of the docs when the processes are just written down.


Precisely at 5:34 :slight_smile:

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All valid

NAV - navigation pseudo-control

This is not a real control tag. It specifies navigation from the current node (for now only up navigation is supported). It cannot appear at the beginning of a selector because there is no current node yet. The parent nodes can be anything. It is supported in FromSelector and FindFirst methods.

The valid attributes are:

up - a number that specifies how many parents to go up in the UI hierarchy.

refer to:
NAV - navigation pseudo-control


That’s a very helpful link! Thanks for sharing. I also had the same issue and tried to guess the answer.


This link is broken could you please help me find info on nav selector options?